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About Us!

We are Tae Kwon Do instructors who want to help others learn the martial art and to know that it is more than a physical activity, it is also mental.  We teach ages 5-105 and also have a student in a wheelchair that is a 3rd degree Black Belt. We teach students a very important motto. “Do what you can with what you have!” 

Master Dunbar

Master Instructor James Dunbar is a 6th Dan Black Belt registered with US Chung Do Kwan.  Additionally, he is registered as a 5th Dan Black Belt with Kukkiwon.   Master Instructor Dunbar has been training in the Martial Arts for 30 plus years.

Jim owns J.E.Dunbar Realtors and is a Notary Public for 40 years.  He is a former New Jersey State Trooper, US Marine, and retired Casino Control Commission Inspector.  Jim is an honor graduate of the Atlantic Community College with an AS in Law Enforcement and Business.  With additional studies at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.  He is active in his community through the Cape Atlantic Detachment of the Marine Corps League, the Toy for Tots Program, the Absecon American Legion, the Absecon Kiwanis, and the Inlet Athletic and Social Club.

Instructor Jessica Young is a Tae Kwon Do Instructor and tested for

Master Young

her 4th Degree Master in September.   Her goal is to one day open a school for troubled youth and the disabled as well as regular classes. It is important that kids have a place to go and feel safe, meet others, and stay out of trouble.  Anyone with a handicap should never be told no or turned away.   They have as much a right to want to learn as anyone else and I want to give them that option.  Instructor Young began training at 12 years of age and could never pull herself away from it.  She has learned so much to make herself a better person.  She has learned to teach others and to be patient, as everyone learns at different paces.